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Ask yourself before you quit your Government exam preparation

There is a famous quote by Walt Disney, All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them. This line has a philosophical meaning which clearly states that gutsiness and your keenness can help you reach the set goal. Lately, the government has released notifications for exams and candidates are nervous and losing faith in themselves for cracking any exam. To break the pressure of appearing for any exam students should keep themselves uplifted and avoid fatalistic people and the environment.

The economic turbulence caused by coronavirus made everyone pessimistic and questioned their job’s security as a lot of private sector companies faced a sudden downfall in their business which made them eliminate a large sum of employees from their organization. This scene encouraged a great number of aspirants to seek jobs in the government sector due to countless factors like job security, allowances, and several amenities.

Cracking a government exam is a herculean task. Are you planning to quit your preparation for the government exam? If yes then try not to, our tips can help you amp up your efficiency and keeps you motivated during exam preparation:

1. Seek motivation

As quoted by Winston Churchill “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”. It is very natural among candidates that they start feeling gloomy as the exam date draws closer, candidates can terminate any negative emotion by keeping themselves uplifted. The easy ways to keep yourself motivated are by listening to inspiring podcasts, meeting successful people or watching motivational videos. You can build internal motivation with the help of external sources, as self-motivation can help you remain uplifted for a longer time. Are you one of those candidates who are putting their sights on government jobs in Punjab? If yes, then staying motivated can help you.

2. Ignite the fire within you

If you are aiming to crack a government exam in one fell swoop then make the exam a very important part of you. Devote yourself completely to the preparation of the exam and prepare like there’s no tomorrow. Strong determination while reaching your goal can ensure a sure shot success. Keep reminding yourself that you are preparing yourself for a higher cause, this can give purpose to your life and helps you in achieving a desirable goal. If you are an aspirant preparing for CET 2021 exam then staying determined can help you crack the exam.

3. Why do you want to clear a government exam?

Candidates appearing for government exams should keep on asking this question to themselves, why do they want to clear a government exam? Answering this question regularly will make them realize that they are preparing themselves for a strong cause.

Sometimes students start feeling low which can make them inefficient and makes their attitude negative. While having this pessimistic mindset students can ask this question: why are they preparing hard for an examination? Their inner conscience will give them all the relevant answers. This way students can never feel demotivated.

4. Start your day with a positive attitude

The beginning of a day matters a lot, it is important to start your day with an optimistic attitude. If you will initiate your day with a positive mindset then it will help in increasing productivity while preparing for the exam. You can start your day with meditation, physical exercise that will help you maintain good health, a calm attitude, and staying active. If you are expecting a Punjab government job then maintaining a positive attitude can help you get one.

5. Never fritter your time

Wasting your time is worse than death, if you are preparing for any government exam aiming to clear it in a single go then use your time wisely. You can come across various tempting distractions like club partying, engaging in bad company, and addiction to social media. Wasting your time in such distractions will not only make you feel regret later but can also push you away from your desired goal of clearing an exam.

6. Focusing on the present

Many candidates start feeling anxious when exam dates start coming closer. If you are preparing for any exam and your mind is engaged in the past and future then it can give you unworthy worries and affect your productivity. If you will start predicting your future then it will waste time and make you inefficient. When you will start preparing for an exam by focusing on the present moment, it will help you increase your concentration and memory power.

7. Proper planning

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” – Eleanor Roosevelt, this quote helps us deduce that planning is important in achieving a goal. Aspirants aiming to clear their government exam must devote their valuable time to planning. A plan is an instrument that puts a structure around an idea, students who make strategic planning regarding time slots of study and how to prepare for every section of the exam effectively are likely to clear the exam in the first attempt. Proper planning can work wonders for candidates who are aiming to crack the CET exam 2021, RRB exam 2021, NDA exams, Banking exams, and other government exams.


The above-mentioned points can help any candidate in keeping their chin up while preparing for any government exam. Self-discipline, healthy study habits built over some time can condition any candidate to appear for the toughest to the toughest exam. Never let negative thinking of quitting to prepare for an exam roam around you. Faith can move mountains and self-doubt can create them, be confident and keep working hard.

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