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How to Set a Study Schedule for Government Exam Preparation?

We all are well versed with this fact that government exams have humongous syllabus. It is imperative to have a proper study plan for government exam preparation. A proper plan gives you the right direction to study for exams. Moreover, you’ll be able to complete the exam syllabus in a given time. So, do you know how to make a rewarding timetable for exam preparation? If not, then  there’s no need to worry. Our article can help you to make a fruitful study regime for exam preparation. So, craft a productive schedule that can bring you sure short success in upcoming government exams. 

If your exam preparation lacks planning, then it is nearly impossible to get through government exams. Also, it is not wise to depend upon your luck to crack the exam. Clearing any government exam would require you to put in onerous efforts by adhering to smart tactics. Be it SSC CGL, banking or defence exam, making a study schedule is necessary. Well, you can seek help from candidates who have already cracked the government exams. They can help you to pave a perfect path for exam preparation. Also, you can follow the tips and tricks given in this article to set a study schedule for exam preparation. 

Before you start exam preparation, device a proper study schedule with the help of following tips:

Let us tell you that creating a study timetable can be more difficult than we imagine. You must not only prioritize the subjects and courses you must study in a given period of time.  But, you must also juggle  with other duties such as family, friends, and enjoyment. So, consider the following guidelines while making a study schedule. 

1. Set short and long-term goals for your studies

 Knowing what you want to achieve at the end will make it easier to plan and manage your timetable. This will also assist you in identifying areas where you should concentrate your efforts. So, it is advisable to set short and long-term goals for studies. 

  • Short term goals may include covering a specific topic in a certain time. Also, it may include how many questions you have to solve in a day. To complete these goals, you need to break your goals into days. 

  • Long term goals may include completing the exam syllabus in a given time. Thus, you can accomplish long term goals by completing short term goals. 

  • Analyze yourself and know how much time you need to complete a specific task. Also, you can set deadlines for yourself to study for exams. 

2. Make a list of subjects 

Perhaps the primary step in making a study schedule is to list every subject you have to prepare for an exam. When you make a list of subjects, write the topics you have to prepare for the exam. After writing details of every subject, analyze which subject is most difficult for you. It is advisable to give more time to tough subjects and less to easier ones. Make sure you won’t ignore any subject while studying for the exam. Give equal importance to every subject of the exam. This is how you can easily sail through the toughest government exam. 

3. Figure out how to study for each subject 

You need to figure out what you need to do for each subject now that you've set down all of the subjects you need to study for. While your time commitment and other obligations for a specific class may change week to week, you'll probably find that you'll need a certain amount of time per subject over time. 

  • Use a study guide or a textbook with review sections to narrow down your options. 

  • Make time to read. 

  • You should make some valuable notes while studying for the exam. 

  • Set some time to go over your notes. 

4. Make a priority list 

Do you know what to do after making a list of subjects? Simply figure out which subject you need to study first. It is imperative to rank subjects according to level of difficulty. Also, determine which subject needs your best time slots. This is how you can make priority list:

  • Consider the level of difficulty of every subject 

  • Take into account the amount of time you need to read it. 

  • Determine the time you need to revise the subjects. 

Is quants the most difficult section for you? If yes, then choose to study for this section during early morning and study for easy subjects during the evening. 

5. Divide your time into study blocks 

Before you go ahead, divide your available time during the week into study blocks. Afterwards, you can assign each block to every subject of the exam. You can create blocks in the following manner:

  • Calculate the time of the day you will have to study for the subjects.

  • Consider the time you give to daily chores like sleeping, bathing, eating and walking. 

  • Schedule small study sessions. It is advisable to give yourself a short break after studying for certain hours. You can refresh your mind in short breaks and focus while studying for the exam. 

  • Create blocks for the time available to you. 

This is how you can make a proper schedule for the week. Note that you have followed your routine wholeheartedly. Shun procrastination if you want to accomplish your dream of cracking the exam. 

6. Reserve some time for extra activities 

You must schedule time for family, friends, and rest in addition to the time you set aside for each subject. This is because you won't be able to excel in the government exam until you strike a healthy balance between your career and personal life. 

  • Make time for occasions you won't be able to reschedule, such as your grandmother's birthday, a family reunion or your dog's veterinarian visit. 

  • Choose to make a note of any other obligations you have, such as swim practice, family time or religious services. 

  • Make sure you get plenty of rest, sleep, and exercise. 

  • Consider deferring or canceling regular social or extracurricular activities if you only have a limited amount of time before important tests.

This is how you can make a proper study schedule for exam preparation. Are you going to prepare for the SSC exam? If yes, then start studying for the exam under the guidance of a nonpareil institute that can give SSC coaching in Chandigarh.


These are a few steps you need to follow while making a study schedule for government exam preparation. We hope that it can help you make a suitable timetable for yourself. 

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