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What things should you never try to do while preparing for the government exam

Most of the aspirants after completing their graduation degree, jump at the opportunity to get the government job. Government jobs are very remunerative as it provides job security, various incentives, perks, and allowances. To get government jobs candidates have to crack the government exam, where there is cut-throat competition.  

Every year millions of candidates are applying for jobs in the government sector but somehow they are not able to crack the exam because they have insufficient guidance while preparing for the exam. Students prepare at their wit’s end but fail to crack any government exam because they don’t get proper counseling and information related to the exams. If you are putting your sight on Punjab Govt jobs, then you can clear your mind on the things to do and not do.

Here is a list of things you should avoid doing to beef up your government exam preparation:

1. Stop comparing yourself

Every student possesses their unique quality, before choosing any government exam analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Doing this analysis will help you decide on the type of exam you want to crack. If someone near you wants to prepare for a banking exam but after analyzing your caliber you feel that it is better to prepare for the SSC CGL exam, then choose to prepare for the SSC CGL exam. If you are someone who wants to crack the SSC CGL exam with proper guidance then you can join a leading institute of SSC CGL coaching in Chandigarh.

2. Avoid overoptimism

If a candidate is having a good hand on any one of the sections of the government exam, then he/she can avoid answering questions of other sections. As per the latest pattern government exams have sectional cut-offs, so cover your marks in strong sections. Never set irrational expectations for yourself because it can make you form a wrong decision regarding cracking an exam. 

3. Avoid getting nervous 

Never let the pressure of preparing for exams make you feel nervous. Nervousness can brittle confidence in candidates which increases their inefficiency. Overcoming this negative emotion is not difficult, maintaining certain habits like meditating, exercising, etc. can help you in maintaining good mental health. 

4. Flinch from Distractions

As quoted by famous writer Robin Sharma, “An addiction to distraction is the end of your creative production”. Distraction can be defined as something which prevents you from doing something important. Social media is assumed to have a deleterious effect on every student’s life, to overcome this regrettable habit one can set a time limit per day for using social media. If you are aiming to get a Punjab govt job, make sure that you stay away from distractions.

5. Never Procrastinate

The official notification with exam date for most of the government exams is released 2-3 months in advance which gives candidates sufficient time to prepare for the exam. Some students make a very effective study plan but they fail to stick to that plan, as they procrastinate and keep on delaying their preparation. 

6. No need to extend your time slots

Candidates preparing themselves for government exams need to fix the timeline for the topic and finish it with that timeline only. While solving questions if you put a time limit and solve them within it. It will help you prepare efficiently and train your brain for working under pressure.

7. Don’t compel yourself to study

Forcing yourself to study will make you prepare for the exam half-heartedly. It is not important to study for 15 hours straight, a student can take short breaks for having snacks, meals or take a walk around. If you start feeling sleepy while studying, then you can take a short nap. 

8. Never mug up 

When a candidate starts preparing for a government exam, the most important thing to understand is to clear their basics regarding topics of different subjects. Understanding theory before learning this will help you to remember it for a longer period. If you are one of those aspirants who are aiming to crack the SSC CGL exam then you can join a leading institute for SSC CGL coaching in Chandigarh.

9. Avoid depending on your peer group

While preparing for government exam students often choose group study as it helps them to learn more and perform better in exams. Make sure that you are not depending on your friend who was a topper in school/college, have confidence in your skills and achieve your goal. 

10. Don’t compromise on your sleep 

Sleeping is not considered a waste of time instead, it is very much required to charge up yourself for better preparation. Ensuring a good night’s sleep will help you increase your efficiency and can make you crack any government exam in a single stroke.  


Aspirants preparing for Government exams give their blood, sweat and tears but lack of planning and information keeps them away from achieving their set goals. Candidates can refer to the aforementioned points before starting any preparation. If the reason they do not get success due to their carelessness then they may get accused of scoring an own goal.

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