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Which Post Is Best to Kick Start Your Career In SSC CGL?

If you are on the lookout to pick out the best SSC CGL post that can help you attain great excellence in the coming future. Then in that case, we would like to inform you that the apt post for the SSC CGL exam basically varies from one individual to the other. The Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level test is basically an examination that is truly conducted by the Government of India for the purpose of recruiting a wide range of staff to a wide range of posts in the ministries and departments of the government. The staff selection commission basically comes up with a wide range of new vacancies under the CGL exam. 

We would like to inform you that this specific type of exam is basically conducted on an annual basis with the motive of recruiting aspirants for a wide range of positions in departments such as preventive officer, central excise inspector, income tax inspector, and more. All the individuals who truly desire to sit on the prominent seat of the SSC CGL. Then, in such cases, you can easily consider relying on the best preparation method. The more you prepare, the more you will be able to progress in a workable manner. You need to feel in your mind that if you have full faith in your preparation, then you can easily be able to progress in the right way. 

Best Job Post In SSC CGL to Kick Start Your Career

We have compiled a list of some of the best SSC CGL posts that can easily change the entire look and feel of your career: 

The Income Tax Inspector

If you are searching for the most preferred SSC CGL post, Then in such a way, you have the Income Tax Inspector post. This is one of the most demanding posts, for which most of the candidates spend a lot of time and work hard to clear. There are lots of aspirants that usually give the exam every year to grasp a greater hand over things. There is no denying the fact that this whole post has its own marvelous benefits. The Income Tax Inspector is basically a Group C Non-Gazetted post with all types of grade pay of 4600. You would be astonished to note that the basic payment for this post commences at Rs. 44,900. Here the aspirant will surely get a wide range of facilities such as CGHS facilities for the medical, TA, HRA, DA, Advances, etc.

If you are burning the midnight oil to reach out to the level and clear the Income Tax Inspector post. Then you should have full information about clearing the exam in a productive manner. Yes, clearing this specific post is not at all easy as it might sound to you. However, if you make a foolproof plan, then everything is possible. The chances of getting the promotion are truly very high. Moreover, one can easily be able to get the rank of the deputy commissioner, which is an IRS officer. An individual who grasps a respectful seat in this department is usually seen by the whole society in a more respectable manner. The recruiting authority will surely ask you a wide range of questions. However, if you have the right, then you will surely be able to close it without much hassle. 

Assistant Audit Officer (AAO)

You should have full information that it's the only gazetted post provided by the SSC department. If you are searching for the right job, then this is one of the best posts for you. This post has one of the highest paying platforms that offers a wide range of perks. The Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) is basically a group B gazetted (non-ministerial) post.

This specific type of post is basically under the audit and accounts under the CAG. The basic pay of an Assistant Audit Officer post is around 47,600. All the folks who are preparing for this type of post will surely get the facility for the HRA, TA, DA, and more. There are a great number of benefits after joining hands with this specific type of post. Yes, you have to study hard so that you will be able to write a great post in a limited duration of time. Yes, you might be searching for which post is best in SSC CGL? If yes, then this blog can become your soulful piece of information in the coming time. 

Excise Inspector 

There is no denying the fact that it is one of the most sought after positions for all the CGL aspirants. Wanted to become the excise inspector in the coming time? If yes, then what is that one thing that is stopping you in the coming time? You really need to reach out to the right platform so that you can easily be able to clear the exam.

A Central Excise Inspector is basically a Group B Non-Gazetted post and its starting price is around 44,900. The starting price is something that can easily become one of the biggest factors in helping the student work above all. The basic duty of the excise inspector is the assessment of a wide range of goods and services. properly looking into the matters related to the proper registration matters by the manufacturers. proper verification of their wide range of units and more. The scope of getting the promotion in this post is also quite easy. Your search for finding which post is best in SSC CGL can easily end after reading this entire blog. 

Assistant Enforcement Officer

This specific type of job profile is truly similar to that of an inspector, who holds the role and responsibilities such as preventing, inspecting, arresting, forgery, money laundering, and more. The starting pay for this specific type of post is around Rs 4600. If we talk about the basic nature of the job, then this job is basically a field job. The basic role and responsibilities related to this post are to prevent, inspect, and go for arrest. They indulge in a wide range of activities. There is no specific type of promotion for this post.  

Wrapping Up 

We hope that after studying this blog, you will surely come to know which post is best in SSC CGL. So leave all your major work aside and consider reading this entire blog with true motivation in hand. 



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